Directions to Hooge Haus – 18 Castle Road, Mt Crested Butte

When you are coming into Gunnison from Route 50, you turn north on Route 135 (Main Steet). It’s about 30 miles to Crested Butte on Route 135. From Crested Butte, continue north toward Mt Crested Butte and stay on Route 135 which is also called Gothic Road. ¬†Go about about 2.5 miles and you’ll see a big sign in a curve that says “Welcome to Mt Crested Butte”. ¬†Castle Road is the 2nd road on the right past that sign (~1/4 mile). Hooge Haus at 18 Castle is the 3rd place on the left (~1/4 mile) and looks just like the picture (brown chalet-style house with green roof). Check-in is 4:00PM the day of arrival and departure is by 10:00AM.